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Britain Unlimited covers the lives and history of 250 of Great Britain's most famous people.

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Britain Unlimited tells you who they were, what they did and where they went in a chronological biography so that you too can follow in their footsteps for research or purely for pleasure.

Please select the information you require from one of the menus below for either name of the person or subject, or just visit the Full List of 250.

Surname of Person
Subject of Fame
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E to I J to L Drama and Prose Engineering
M to O P to S Military Music
T to Z English History Novels Philosophy and Religion
Scottish History Welsh History Poetry Politics
Irish History British Prime Ministers Science Sport and Entertainment

On Britain Unlimited you'll also find museums dedicated to their memory, places they lived in or visited and examples of the works they achieved. You'll find lists of the books they wrote and the pictures they painted. In fact everything you need to know to get a flavour of the people that made Britain great. This site is dedicated to individual people so you will not find Kings and Queens here. There is a wealth of material elsewhere on the Internet to cover this subject, however visit the timeline if you want to relate a person to a particular reign. If you want to link a person to a Prime Minister choose the year from this list.

Follow the links in the top or bottom menus for further information about Great Britain itself and the organisations and companies that can help you.

In Britain we seem to be obsessed with age and death so if you quickly need to find out how old one of our characters was when they died go to our age at death page and select the column by surname or age at which they died.

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In the meantime here's our additional list of people you said you were interested in.

Do you think you are related to someone famous? Then try our Genealogy page.

Who are the top ten most popular British characters with our readers over the years?

Grace Darling kept her top spot in 2014 once again for the largest amount of people looking at her page during the year. New entrants into the top ten were Edward Burra and Paul Nash.

The lists below are taken from Britain Unlimited's website hits.


1. Grace Darling

2. Edward Burra

3. George Cadbury

4. Richard Arkwright

5. Christopher Wren

6. Paul Nash

7. William Wallace

8. William Wordsworth

9. Robert Clive

10. Ben Nicholson


1. Grace Darling

2. William Wordsworth

3. William Wallace

4. George Cadbury

5. Richard Arkwright

6. Robert Clive

7. Ben Nicholson

8. Florence Nightingale

9. Robin Hood

10. John Donne


1. Grace Darling

2. William Shakespeare

3. George Cadbury

4. John Donne

5. William Wordsworth

6. Christopher Wren

7. Bonnie Prince Charlie

8. Richard Arkwright

9. William Wallace

10. Florence Nightingale


1. Grace Darling

2. Christopher Wren

3. William Wallace

4. William Shakespeare

5. Henry Moore

6. John Donne

7. George Cadbury

8. William Wordsworth

9. Florence Nightingale

10. Edward Burra

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